Our Customers can always shop with confidence! All our Diamonds are Certified by most reliable world's Laboratories, such as GIA, EGL USA, AGS, HRD.  We sell only 100% Natural Earth Minded Diamonds and Color Stones. We do not sell Clarity Enhanced or otherwise Treated Diamonds. Most Colored Stones, such as Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and Topazes are commonly treated with Heat, Irradiation etc, this practice has been around for centuries. We do not sell Glass Infused Rubies.
Diamond Violet Company offers lifetime upgrade policy and a 3 day  FULL Refund less shipping cost policy, so our customers can shop with confidence. 
Our Company proudly offers many FREE services to our customers: onsite jewelry cleaning, FREE Appraisals for customer's insurance Companies, FREE fully insured overnight and second day shipping, Free sizing with purchase, Free Certificates and other services.  
We are always here to help: our GIA trained stuff will answer all your email inquires within 24 hours and we are available  on the phone from 10am to 11pm every day. 
All Diamond Violet's photos and videos are of an actual Item you will receive, we do not use "stock" photos. We try to take the best photos possible to identify any issues on Antique and Vintage jewelry. We will always present the Condition to you, please, do not hesitate to ask questions.  

The Diamond Violet Conflict-Free Diamond Policy

Diamond Violet Company, Inc, along with the global diamond industry, has a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. Through measures such as the Kimberley Process, which tracks diamonds from mine to market, the industry in partnership with the United Nations, governments, and non-governmental organizations, polices diamond exports to prevent the trade of illegal diamonds.
We only purchase diamonds through the largest and most respected Dealers who, like us, proudly adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process. All Our Diamonds are conflict free. 
Diamonds are mined throughout the world, including major mines in Australia, Africa, Russia and Canada. Diamonds are a major source of good in many African nations, employing and providing healthcare to thousands.
Since majority of our Diamonds are Antique, Vintage and Period, Conflict Diamonds are really not an issue with our jewelry. Please shop with Confidence.